Sea Trial

Based on the best selling book entitled, Sea Trial, by Frank De Felitta

Budget: $30,000,000

Start Date: February 2019

Director: Fred Durst

Casting: TBA

Location: Dominican Republic

Genre: Thriller

Release: Theatrical


A couple involved in an adulterous affair find the perfect place to spend an intimate few days when they charter an exotic yacht captained by an eccentric, warm and sea-loving couple. But their idyll turns ominous when mechanical failures strand them at sea and soon they realize they are not simply guests on a yacht but are in fact involved in a dangerous and tense mind game of survival with an evil-obsessed Captain and his equally diabolical wife. As the game turns deadly, who will survive while lost on the high seas? ‘Sea Trial’ is a tense and brilliant thriller reminiscent of classics such as ‘Dead Calm’ and ‘Deathtrap’ and is based on the cult novel by Frank De Felitta (‘Audrey Rose’ ‘The Entity’).

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